HOPL-I Links

December 17, 2020,
keywords: hopl, history, programming languages

Posting this mostly for my personal use, but it might be helpful for others.

For some reason, I have been having trouble visiting the HOPL-I webpage. I used the the Wayback Machine to find the folowing useful links:

I’m looking forward to reading the papers on ALGOL, SIMULA, BASIC and LISP, but we’ll see how far I get. There is the never ending problem of higher priority things being added to my reading list, so this kind of recreational reading often falls by the wayside. Might also try to sneak the FORTRAN and APL papers into my reading list.

The HOPL-I book might also be interesting, since it also contains transcripts of the presentation, questions (with some questions having additional answers by the authors), and summaries of the languages. There are more datails in the conference webpage, so I would highly encourage everyone to visit the conference page or its archived version first.